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How Did TGIF Friday's US WebSite Get Started?

After years of getting B2B, B2C, and C2C Email with lots of interesting and fun filled tidbits of news and information passed from one Email person to another, and most of this seemingly to occur on Fridays of the week, I felt it was only natural to call this site TGIF Friday’s WebSite.


TGIF, Thank God It’s Friday has been a saying for as long as I can remember. Read the History of T.G.I.F.. No where has that become more apparent then through the Email system and cyber space. E business creativity flows with lightspeed, as one person’s little joke becomes another’s golden nugget and is freely shared to groups of people on the Internet. That is why My Space has become so popular because of the interactivity to share thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos, and other creative items not constrained by any particular media form.

The Internet has become a new artistic form of expression, not only from the standpoint of individuals, but also B2B and B2C businesses of every type that can be imagined. Taking the new Internet creative art form of PtoP, Person-to-person, and C2C, Consumer-to-consumer and using the best creative ideas; businesses can now expressive themselves no matter whether they are B2B or B2C for the highest marketing and advertising impact imaginable.

Artistic talent has typically been viewed on the Internet as to how beautiful a website designer can design a website. There certainly is artistic talent in the field of graphic website design, however there are other forms of artistic talent that is often overlooked online. Online advertising and Internet marketing are becoming much more important for any business today. The importance of finding your company online can not be overstated. Corporate sales are becoming increasingly tied to company websites. Unfortunately many Internet marketing services firms and corporate IT and marketing departments look at Internet marketing and online advertising from a relatively simple and flat canvas. In fact, the Internet canvas has attempted to be constrained by some so-called experts, in the fields of marketing and advertising, and have reduced the value of the website to nothing more than a sales pitch. If, companies were to listen to these so-called experts tell it, there would never be any creative effort put forth by companies to really challenge the status quo and branch out toward new marketing and advertising ideas to be implemented in a website. They would say, “keep a website simple for your target audience.” While there are merits in that online marketing approach, and certainly drawing a straight line where necessary, to point a customer in the right direction or sign up for a free newsletter makes sense; it however does not tell the whole online picture.

The Internet Canvas

The Internet canvas is not flat. It is not round, not square, nor three dimensional; but is more like a Matrix all its own. To really grab a hold of the Internet canvas is to become much bolder in an approach to painting a picture online. Thinking that a business, B2B or B2C website, is only about the pictures or the menu system is completely missing the artistic sales, marketing, and advertising talents of the great online artists that show their worth in what they provide for a customer. These online artists have a touch on the pulse of the Internet. They have an uncanny ability to grasp a hold of a wide paint brush and create a beautiful picture that not only is in the site itself but weaves its way on the Web. These artists are the Web branders that can help develop the business brand in the hearts and minds of the consumer or other businesses.

Steve Jobs, once said when he arrived back at the helm of Apple, (paraphrased), The reason that Apple Products are not doing well is because they lost their sexiness. The products lost their coolness factor with the consumer.

In my mind Steve Jobs is more than a US businessman; he is a sales, marketing, and advertising artist, painting a beautiful picture in the minds of the consumer. That is why, Apple today is a picture of creativity in motion. From their iPhones and iPod nanos, to their iPod for music and videos, along with their cool looking computers, Apple has painted beautiful product images along with images on the People’s Canvas’ — the consumers’ minds.

So, I extend to you a welcome to TGIF Friday’s USA Website where artistic talent is more than American graphic design, but a bold and classic approach to sales, marketing, and advertising on the Internet.

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