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Friday’s Go Daddy Girl

On Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking with a Go Daddy Girl

No, she was not Candice Michelle “The Go Daddy Girl” but never the less she put a smile on my face. Actually I think we both put a smile on each other’s face.


As the story would unfold, I decided to register this for the purpose of sharing some fun stories and other items that a reader or viewer might find entertaining. I looked at various domains to see if I could register,,, etc., etc. However, those were taken by T.G.I. Friday’s or other businesses.

Well, the only one available was the .WS. The .WS is actually a country code for Western Somoa, but I like to think of it as Web Site.

Back to The Go Daddy Girl

She got a kick out of this idea to call it Fridays.WS. She was actually suprised that it was available. Expert personal service was provide by her. She was most helpful when I asked her about some of their new services. In fact, with her helpful ideas, I was actually able to go smiling all the way to the bank with some savings.

Any case, for anyone that did not see the Super Bowl Commercials with The Go Daddy Girl, you can view it plus ones that, shall we say, place a little more of a smile on your face. Read more from Hot Points, a blog by Bob Parson, CEO and Founder of

By-the-way, America, lighten up. TGIF Fridays.WS See More TGI Daddy Girl

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The Godaddy Girl

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