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TGI Fridays Privacy Policy – TGIP on Fridays

TGIF Online Privacy Policy – TGIP – Thank God It’s Private on Fridays

Privacy is at the top of the menu list at TGI Friday. We at Fridays’ websites dislike spam with a passion. We never ever sell or share email addresses from emails sent to us. tgip

Fridays Five Star Website USA,, uses an analytical program to help evaluate our website from a sales, marketing, and advertising perspective. This program logs in certain information about a visitor to Fridays. Information such as who the Internet Service Provider is, IP address of the visitor, and what type of Browser is being used. Other information included in this program is the ability to display the page from where a visitor arrives from and the GEO location of the IP address. Also included is the referring website such as a Search Engine search engin or a site with a link to Keep in mind, this information can be found in the log files of all websites and is not indicative of just Fridays Web Site. tgip

Good Cookies At Fridays

Courtesy of Cookies, etc.

When you arrive at Fridays the site presents you with a cookie that is held by your web browser. This cookie is used as a means of establishing if you are repeat or a fresh TGIF visitor. Most sites implement some sort of cookies and some sites will simply not function properly if cookies are reject in your browser settings. Other times, there may be functions that will not be available if you choose to reject cookies. Secure login for example at most sites will not function without turning on your acceptance of cookies. tgip

All Information Is Private

Nothing, Nada, No, Non, Não, ?, ??, ?, no matter what language you read this in, no information is shared with outside sources. tgip

Legal Requirements And Valid Government Court Orders

Responding to valid subpoenas, government court orders, or a good-faith belief in order to conform to some sort of applicable laws is the only way we will share this information. tgip

Above All, We Tell It Like It Is, And Do It With Style!

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