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More About TGI Fridays

More About Fridays

The TGI Motto

What is the TGI Motto?

It’s “Thank God It’s …” Today’s Choice: Thank God It’s Wednesday, because just two more days till Friday.

What’s on Friday’s Menu today? Sales, Marketing, and Advertising are the keys to success.

In all seriousness folks, looking at things with a little humor and a thankful heart can be good for the soul. This is TGI, Friday’s Chicken Soup For The Soul.

Speaking of souls; this soul wanted to change a few things online. I got tired of some of the dull, lackluster, colorless, unexciting, common, unimaginative, flat, uninspiring, ho hum, brainless, usual, unimaginative, and passionless ideas on the Internet, and I wanted to make a difference.

Speaking of passion; what has happened to that lately? Sure, we have passion for our TV shows like CSI, American Idol, House, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami, Desperate Housewives, Without A Trace, NCIS, Survivor, 60 Minutes, Two and a Half Men, Deal Or No Deal, and The Unit. But, where is the passion in people’s souls? What has happened to the smiles and the friendly thank you from folks today?

Speaking of smiles; did anyone catch the news story of a 4-foot tall Pillsbury Doughboy held hostage? Good News, the Pillsbury Doughboy was recovered unbaked and he is so happy that he is going to dance for you. See the Dancing Pillsbury Doughboy. And, you can even create your own dance for him. Try mixing it up with some Disco, The Spin, or try the Robot.

Seems like I got on the So You Think You Can Dance bandwagon here and slightly off track. Let’s get back to the online Web tracks. I saw the Internet grow from its early days when it was not much more than going to a website with just a bunch of files to look at in some list. It seems like it was yesterday that Mosaic, one of the early web browsers was created. A person with a dial up modem could go online and download this web browser program for the early Apple PowerPC computers. I couldn’t believe that all this information was free. Here we were sitting in this virtual world, and anything could be studied and researched online. Now most of the world takes the Internet for granted. Even though millions of New Internet Users come online monthly.

Many businesses continue to underestimate the power of the Internet and what it could mean for increasing their sales. Many small businesses owners think that they do not need to have a website or any type of Internet presence. Some of the larger corporations are still living in the pre-Internet world, even though they might have a website online. Creativity and passion are lacking at some of these companies and what they share through their websites. Many corporate websites lack sound marketing and advertising principles from an Internet marketing perspective. Call to action items are notoriously missing or lack substance.

The Internet is more than about marketing or advertising your B2B Business-to-business, or B2C Business-to-consumer organization online. It is more than the sharing of information and ideas. It is more than a form for eCommerce. The Internet is really a vehicle for identifying the pulse of the world for your business. Though the Web is a place to find information and do research, it is also a place to share information, and is becoming much more interactive with Web 2.0 techologies. The whole of the Internet is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

New technologies are continually being created based on the works of others. New ideas, inventions, products, and software programs are built and designed quicker than ever before, because of the light speed at which information flows online. People all around the globe are in collaboration with one another. There are no boundaries that would place limits on technology development and the sharing of ideas. Even instant messaging is becoming common place in the business world. People can get immediate answers to their questions online.

CouponsFor business today to take advantage of the power of the Internet, we need to focus a bit, and look to some creativity and passion online. Advertising and marketing passion are two of the keys for successful online sales strategies. Take a look at Pillsbury. They have placed some passion and creativity in their website. Pillsbury has built interactivity with their online readers. With the ability to create your own fun dance and email it to a fiend is pretty cool. I am sure that a designer put a lot of effort into creating the Dancing Doughboy; but think of the mileage that Pillsbury is getting with this. The concepts cover the whole range for advertising, marketing, sales, and branding. The website supports and influences to what the Pillsbury consumer will do at the local markets.

Think of it this way: The Online Triangle of Business Model; with each side of the triangle forming the whole. Marketing, advertising, and sales are intricately link together on the Internet. To be successful with your business online approach, all three entities must be thought out clearly, and understand in the context of the online market place, that one can not effectively exist without the other two. I have said, “If it wasn’t for advertising, marketing would be shorthanded, and sales would be sad and miss out.” Saying this another way, “Internet marketing is much more effective with proper online advertising, for an increase in sales for your business.”

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