TGIF Fridays are for creativity days. Promote your business like a multi-billion dollar a year company.


TGIF is designed with creativity in mind. This unique template has been built by Professional Web Services using WordPress and a blank WP Framework theme creator. Essentially, what we have done is migrate a Fridays website theme that was originally customized by Professional Web Services using Blogger, for Fridays website, and then ported it over to a WordPress theme. I suggest checking out my FTP Blogger to WordPress tutorial for more detailed information on the migration procedure.

TGI Fridays Website
The Artist’s Canvas

The degree of difficulty in creating the Friday’s WordPress website is a matter of experience. Some folks might find it a bit intimidating to attempt a WordPress blog or WordPress content management system customization, but it is not quite as difficult as it appears on the surface. There is however, a fair amount of time involved in getting everything the way you want it using CSS coding. It is also important to note that no website is ever perfectly set for functionality the way a designer, or even the end user would like it to be. There are always little fixes here and there, spacing requirements that are different from one browser to another, font size preferences, link color selections, and a ton of placement considerations for everything when working on the structure of the website.

Think of the WP Framework theme creator as a blank canvas, set up for the artist to begin his or her painting. Maybe the artist would like to have just a few colors, or maybe they would like the rainbow affect. But, no matter which direction the artist creativity takes them, the WP Framework is a great starting point and a superb artist’s median to work with.

The layout is ideal on a number of levels. It has a header area for a picture and overlaying of text like what you see at the top of Fridays, and will display properly no matter what font size you choose to set for the various parts.

Hope you enjoy Friday’s website. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or just to say hello.



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