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TGI Hearts TGIF Hearts CA Bar Girl Privacy

A Girl Walks Into a Bar (Exam) This Girl gets an A plus for T.G.I. Beautiful creativity in the typically dull legal world of Bar Exams. What you find online is amazing when doing variations on searches. Get creative in some TGI Hearts searches. It was interesting to read this Girl’s overview and experience of [...]

Friday’s Girl In A Bar Video

Danier Leather asks: “What does leather do to you?” Friday’s Girl In A Bar At TGIF Friday’s You Can Feel The Difference Keep sending your eMails to Friday’s Contact. Professional Web Services

Friday’s Go Daddy Girl

On Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking with a Go Daddy Girl No, she was not Candice Michelle “The Go Daddy Girl” but never the less she put a smile on my face. Actually I think we both put a smile on each other’s face. T.G.I.F FRIDAYS.COM STORY As the story would unfold, I [...]

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