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Fridays Migrates to Cpanel

Just Like The Birds Fly South For The Winter Fridays has migrated itself to a new web hosting provider. It wasn’t that we didn’t like our old webhosting provider, but we needed more options. The old provider was running Plesk and the new hosting provider is using CPanel and WHM for control. CPanel makes it [...]

More About TGI Fridays

More About Fridays The TGI Motto What is the TGI Motto? It’s “Thank God It’s …” Today’s Choice: Thank God It’s Wednesday, because just two more days till Friday. What’s on Friday’s Menu today? Sales, Marketing, and Advertising are the keys to success. Widgets In all seriousness folks, looking at things with a little [...]

About TGIF Friday’s US WebSite

How Did TGIF Friday's US WebSite Get Started? After years of getting B2B, B2C, and C2C Email with lots of interesting and fun filled tidbits of news and information passed from one Email person to another, and most of this seemingly to occur on Fridays of the week, I felt it was only natural to [...]

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