TGIF Fridays are for creativity days. Promote your business like a multi-billion dollar a year company.

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TGI Flys and Your Business

Cool Commercial for Pilots’ Training in Brazil When the crosswinds hit these Commercial Boeing 777 and Boeing 747s on landings, the Commercial Pilots really must be able to calmly fly. T.G.I.F. Thank God It FliesAeroclube de Bragan├ža Paulistaa – [ Translate this page ] If your B2B or B2C business needs some pilot training; Professional [...]

TGIF Daddy Girl My GoDaddy Girl

In The Spirit of TGI Tuesday OH, Yes, A revisit to Godaddy’s WomanThe committee does not like your commercial Is there something you wanted to get off of your chest? HmmOH My Dear!Would you like a cup of tea my dear?OH!It’s all approved.AH… Some things are worth waiting for. Wait for the video. Professional Web [...]

Friday’s Girl In A Bar Video

Danier Leather asks: “What does leather do to you?” Friday’s Girl In A Bar At TGIF Friday’s You Can Feel The Difference Keep sending your eMails to Friday’s Contact. Professional Web Services

Friday With Grandpa I’m My Own Grandpa

I Really Am My Own Grandpa This brings back lots of memories. I remember my Dad playing this song with one of his old 8-track tapes. For you youngsters, 8-track tapes were before cassettes, which were before CDs, which were before iPods. Now if you followed that reverse logic, try following the logic in this [...]

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